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"A customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care." ~Damon Richards

About Us

Chamness WorldWide is a global relocation solutions company specializing in destination services across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific

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Company History

Founded in 1988, Chamness has a long history of delivering quality destination services worldwide. Chamness is built on the concept of delivering an optimized customer experience, combining next-generation technology and personalized service. We are the only destination services provider to offer a truly worldwide guaranteed range of country coverage supported by a geo-tracking mobile app delivering immediate service feedback and reporting.

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Changing the PACE
of relocation
"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." ~Steve Jobs
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Destination Services

Comprehensive programs customized to enrich the relocation experience from home to host location and upon repatriation. Each relocation is facilited by our local area experts to ensure a smooth transition for the employee and family. Whether moving in country or across the globe, we stand by our commitment to provide an optimal relocation experience.

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Education Consulting

Chamness EMG offers worldwide school placement for all grade levels and curriculum requirements. Our dedicated teams are strategically focused on designing education solutions that are customized to the needs of each individual child. With expert knowledge of local schools and requirements, our teams navigate parents and student through the rigorous planning, selection and enrollment process.

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"In today's world, technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories." ~Laurie Anderson

Our Technology

KnektDā„¢, is a proprietary app available on IOS and Android devices. Designed specifically for the relocating employee and destination services provider, it provides multi-capability to:

Relocating Employee
  • Proprietary geo-tracking technology
  • Gives employees the ability to call their local consultant from any location in the world,
  • Text directly with the consultant and his/her partner
  • Access online area guides for their arrival location
  • Capture move-in documentation onsite
Global Mobility Teams
  • Valuable insight into the services being provided to the employee
  • Along with compliance management throughout the process.
  • App features can be customized to suit the specific client requirements
  • All data and information gathered is stored and managed to ensure deletion in compliance with data privacy regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Clients can be confident that information obtained during the delivery of service will be stored and deleted in accordance with client policy requirements.



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